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Scheduling by Texas East Kids

Texas East Kids

Winter Futsal League

Winter Session 1: Dec. 7- Jan. 11

Winter Session 2: Jan. 18- Feb. 15

Futsal Age Groups: Girls & Boys – U6-U15

Cost = $375 per team. 

Roster = Minimum roster of 5 & maximum roster of 10 players

Format = Two 20 minute halves (8 game season)

Please call or text me if you have any questions.  903.372.3874


Package 1

$6.75-$8.00 per player*

Training with TOCA Trainer and machine use:

$48/Hour – One studio bay with up to 6 players

$96/Hour – Half of entire Studio (2 bays) with up to 12 players

$135/Hour – Entire Studio (full field) with up to 20 players

* Each additional player will be $5

Call (903) 509-3547 or click the button

Package 2

$6.00-$7.00 per player*

Training space with their own coach (no machine use):

$42/Hour – One studio bay with up to 6 players

$84/Hour – Half of entire Studio (2 bays) with up to 12 players

$120/Hour – Entire Studio (full field) with up to 20 players

* Each additional player will be $5

Call (903) 509-3547 or click the button

About High-Touch-Count Training

American soccer players are drastically behind the rest of the world in youth development largely due to the fact that the typical American player has a much lower amount of touches on a soccer ball than the youth of countries whose main sport is soccer.

In a typical 90-minute soccer practice, recreational players average only 6 minutes of time with the ball and an average of only 12 minutes of ball time for club players.

Next Level Soccer will enhance the number of quality touches with a professionally trained coach personally guiding your every touch.

Every player that enters our program will improve in these strategic areas:

  • Game-type touches will be reproduced over and over to produce quick, skillful movements
  • Weak(er) foot technique will be corrected and improved
  • Muscle memory is created causing proper technique to become second nature and automatic
  • Dealing with air balls will become fun and will quickly become their favorite part of the game
  • The ability to focus more fully on tactics
  • Quality time with the ball, not waiting for other teammates

The mission of Next Level Soccer is to produce ambitious, highly skilled and very creative players.

We accomplish this mission by creating a fun, competitive, High-Touch-Count culture within a measurable training program.

The First Touch

A quality first touch sparks a quality soccer moment.

A great first touch is the foundation of every skill in soccer. Next Level Training focuses on the first touch as being the most important touch! The First Touch sets the stage from which every other physical, technical and tactical skill may be successful.

When your first touch is good, it:

  • Affords the player the time to look up to make a quality decision with the ball
  • Boosts a players ability to play away from pressuring defenders
  • Enhances speed of play, coordination and agility

Quality Repetition

This is what separates great players from good players.

It all comes down to soccer moments!! The most successful coaches are the ones who can repetitiously produce soccer moments until a player or a group of players can master that moment with high-quality skill and/or by making a smart tactical decision.

The more game-related soccer moments you can experience, the more opportunity you will have to learn a skill or tactic to be successful when that moment comes in a real game.

Small-Ball Training

Messi trained with a tennis ball and Ronaldo can juggle a baseball.

NLS believes that using a smaller ball is of vital importance for soccer training for these reasons:

  • Creates a more technical challenge due to a smaller “sweet spot” on the ball
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Safely teaches proper heading technique with a low-impact ball
  • Produces less stress, wear and tear on the body

Controlled Environment

Take control of your training.

Our controlled indoor facility promotes:

  • Safety – 24-hour security cameras, monitored front desk, and a professionally trained staff
  • Consistency – Never miss a workout due to bad weather
  • Economical training – No time wasting actions (e.g. chasing roll-away balls). Only actions that produce results.
  • Precision – Precise ball delivery by our TOCA Touch Trainer machines ensures quality touches over and over again
  • Simulation – Confined space training creates the game-related situation of maintaining ball control while under pressure.

Our training Studios are 25-30 feet wide by 50-55 feet long.

We are on a mission to change the future of American soccer – starting with you.

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Next Level Soccer

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